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Rottnest Island Scallops

Live Rottnest Island Scallops being landed daily in Fremantle

The 2017 Rottnest Island Scallop survey has indicated a good recovery of scallop stock and a spread of three distinct age groups of Scallop on the grounds.

This will allow for a modest seasonal harvest of third year scallops while allowing the other age groups to grow undisturbed.

Rottnest Island Scallops will be available for a short time in June and then again later in August this year. 

The sustainability of the fishery is our paramount concern, which is why every year we work in partnership with the scientists from the Department of Fisheries and survey the stock several times to ensure it is at optimum quality before we open the season, and then continue to monitor it during the season.

One Sea and Fisheries WA are also collaborating on a scallop spawning project at the Hillary's Research centre using live Rottnest Scallops.

One Sea Pty Ltd is a small Western Australian fishing company harvesting Rottnest Island Scallops, Geographe Bay Scallops, Rottnest Island King Prawns, whiting and flathead.

It is the ultimate boutique wild fishery.

When fishing, the skipper and crew will return, each fishing day, early in the morning to Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour to hand over their harvest for processing. It is delivered mid-morning, the same day, to restaurants and retailers and air expressed for next day delivery on the east coast.

 In season, you simply can’t buy fresher, more exquisite, local sustainable seafood.

For information on the Fishing Industry's views on the Commonwealth Government's Marine Reserve Network  please visit the National Seafood Industry Alliance

Check out our latest video on the status of Rottnest Island Scallops, DoF Scallop Survey 29th of March 2016 HERE.

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Rottnest Island scallops was named Producer of the Year

at the annual delicious Produce Awards, a forum for the nation's best producers, growers and harvesters judged by a panel of eminent chefs and food suppliers.

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